“...to serve as a catalyst to reach our
God-given potential as a community.”

How to Apply

If an organization believes that it has a program or project that directly addresses the current funding priorities, please submit a letter of not more than two pages describing how the initiative addresses the priorities, a budget, and a copy of your letter from the IRS stating that you are exempt from federal income tax (or otherwise an explanation of your legal status as an organization). If the Foundation has an interest, we will initiate further due diligence and funding negotiations.


Cornerstone Foundation of Knoxville
625 Market St.
Suite 1200
Knoxville, TN 37902-2219
Telephone: 865-637-1912
Fax: 865-546-5199

J. Laurens Tullock, President
E-mail: ltullock@cornerstoneofknoxville.org

Jackie M. Slagle, Administrative Assistant
E-mail: jmslagle@cornerstoneofknoxville.org

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