“...to serve as a catalyst to reach our
God-given potential as a community.”

Funding Priorities

Leadership Development and Alignment of Resources

The greatest obstacles to acheieving our full potential and implementing the recommended strategic priorities are the lack of alignment of leadership and resources. We do not lack the resources to achieve the vision or to implement the recommended priorities, but we do lack alignment of those resources.

Cornerstone Foundation of Knoxville will proactively concentrate its grant-making, other funding, and staff activities by supporting efforts to DEVELOP SERVANT LEADERSHIP and to ALIGN that leadership and resources around the current strategic themes and priorities identified in the 2012 Greater Knoxville Community Research project.

The importance of aligning all of our city-region resources around the implementation of a common plan is driven home by Jim Clifton, Chairman of Gallup, in The Coming Jobs War (2011):

Fixing America’s biggest problems and re-winning the world can only be accomplished one city at a time. Ultimately all solutions are local… Every city has strong, caring leaders
working on numerous committees and initiatives to fuel their local growth… The feat these leaders have to pull off is doubling their entrepreneurial energy by aligning all their local

They succeed by declaring all-out war.

I don’t use the term “war” lightly. This really has to be a war on job loss, on low workplace energy, on healthcare costs, on low graduation rates, on brain drain, and on community
disengagement. Those things destroy cities, destroy job growth, and destroy city GDP. Every city requires its own master plan that is as serious as planning for a war."




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